Thing that make you go doh…

You know as your growing up, you look at your parents and think, I would never do something like that.  It could be something that they say or do that just bugs you, and it never worked the way they expected or you expected.  The key example of this is the classic, Because I said so.

This response never worked for our parents why would we expect it to work for us as parents.  The munchkin is going through a “Why?” phase right now; “You need to go shower. Why?” “Don’t go up the stairs by yourself.  Why?” sound familiar to anyone?  The other day I caught myself answering, “Because I said so, ” only to get the response “Why?” My response…..”Because I’m Daddy, and I say so.”  Her response, “Oh.”

But now she’s figured out the system.  Instead of “Why?” its, “Mommy didn’t say so.” “Daddy didn’t say so.” “Mommy say so,” you get the picture.  The best part is when she’s jumping on the bed and Mommy yells for her to stop from the other room then I walk in, and tell her to stop, “Mommy say so!”

I could lie and say I have no idea where she gets her orneriness; but I have a vague idea…..


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