Overheard at lunch

We all know the joys of eating in a food court. Wide selection of food and some conversations more interesting than most tv shows. So this is a good one I heard today(slightly paraphrased):

Conversation with mother and daughter:
Mommy will I ever be the boss if you?

No. Because I’m the mommy and we are the boss of our children.

Oh. Why do you like being the boss is much?

I just like it. I liked being the boss when I was little, I was the boss of your daddy when we got married, and then once I got used to that we wanted to have a child so I could be the boss of them. Someday when your married and a mommy you will call me and say this is so great.

That will be a long time. I can’t wait!

Ahhh women. It runs in their blood, and they teach them early.

The best girls



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