Praying with sunglasses on…

Man Praying image from Google image search

I realized this weekend how distracted I get.  Call it ADD, ADHD, stressed, etc. When I try to focus on one thing, my mind starts racing.  I try to take the time every morning as I’m getting ready for work before the munchkin wakes up, to spend time with God.  During this time I find my mind going to everything that I had to do yesterday and didn’t get to, everything that I need to take care of today, that song I was listening to yesterday, or the theme from Jem, (another story for another time).  Even focusing to write this post has taken me a few days, every time I would start to write something would come up that needed to be done.

Lost in the crowd from Google images Search

In a world where 25 hours a day still aren’t enough, we have to find time to spend in quite devotion with God.  Even if it’s just a few moments sitting in the car on your lunch break, a quick walk around the parking lot, or even getting up 15 minutes early to find a quite spot to collect your thoughts and be alone with God.  It is in these few minutes that we must make an effort to put the busyness of the world away for just a few minutes, and listen to God.

Sometimes just a few moments is all that God needs to water that seed that has been planted in your heart or mind.  Even though it may not seem that God is there, it is in these small times that he will manifest himself in a great way.

At this point your probably wondering if the title will ever tie in to the message here, and it does.  I’m sure many of us have seen, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler.  The little boy is the movie is scared at times, so Adam Sandler’s character gives him a pair of sunglasses and tells him when he is scared to put them on and he becomes invisible.  So yes I know it’s a stretch, but if it comes down to it and the only way that you can get a few minutes alone with God is to become invisible to everyone else, put on those sunglasses and spend time with God.Big Daddy Screen Shot from google image search


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