The Geek Dream Car: Project Detroit Brings Windows 8 and Kinect to a Mustang

Fiesta Ford Lincoln eNews Flash

What do you get when you cross a retro Ford Mustang with the finest of new technology, such as Microsoft Kinect and a variety of other Windows services? A dream car that can’t possibly exist. Fortunately, it is very much real, thanks to West Coast Customs.

The California-based car customizers teamed up with Microsoft to create this impressive car, currently named Project Detroit. The car itself is actually a 2012 Ford Mustang in a 1967 Mustang fastback body, modded with neon blue under-car lighting. The best part, though, is what’s going on inside the car.

First off, you can remotely locate, lock, and unlock the car using the Viper SmartStart app on a Windows Phone. Once you’re inside the car, the dashboard greets you with a whole load of awesome: In addition to Ford SYNC, a Windows 8 touchscreen on the passenger’s of the dash side lets a…

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