Is there such thing as too much technology?

I wanted to break a little from my recent Tech Thursday posts, and go in a slightly different direction for this post.  As we are on the eve of “The New iPad” launch, you kind of have to wonder, is there actually such a thing as too much technology?  I’m a geek, so NO.  When I think about my typical day, I am on 6 or more different devices throughout the day.  I have my iPhone, my work Android phone, my iPad, my work laptop, my home MBP, or my home media server.  This doesn’t even take into account all the other devices that are connect in my living room, dvd, Wii, etc.

Tech Clipart

The geek-heart wrenching thought of what would I do without one of these devices, is like asking an athlete not to wear their lucky socks.  It just cannot happen, you feel lost.  I’m a technology ho, while I am a huge Apple fan, I will use Windows, or an Android device. I am testing Mountain Lion and Windows 8.  But I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have one of my devices available, actually I do, make one of my other devices fill that void.  I have my files synced between 3 different systems, plus my iPad and iPhone.  I can get to any of my systems from anywhere, I can get the files I need on; Windows XP, 7, 8, OSX Lion, Mountain Lion, iOS, not just get to the files, but work with them, edit them, print them…..

There are so many devices out there today, walking into the Apple Store to me, is like walking into a Utopia.  While I know that the system I’m messing around with there is not that different from the one I’m writing this post with, its newer, lighter, bigger….. It’s the constant worry that I don’t have the newest “it,” this device will start my program in 3.1 seconds where my current system takes 3.3 seconds for the same thing, I need it.

We all have our vices, call us Technology Hoarders, if you want, but Geeks/Nerds/Technophiles, we get made fun of until you need us to fix something.

So to answer my title question, To me there cannot be a thing called too much technology, it is how we develop, how we make our daily lives better.  That being said technology cannot and should not take the place of real life.  Make time for family and friends, with out the technology, and keep it in moderation.


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