Today’s Geek Post… Bring your own device: Love it or hate it, its coming.

In today’s IT world, we are surround by all of these buzz words; BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Cloud, Virtualization, Telepresence, and the list goes on and on. With the push by so many in the workforce now being accustomed to instant-on, instant-gratification, instant-noodles they are looking to use what they want when they want it. I’m not going to lie, my laptop stays on my desk unless I’m going out for a survey or to do some CLI programming. I do all my remote work from my iPad. I have always on connectivity with my mobile hotspot, I have 2 cell phones, and an iPad, I don’t really need to carry around another 6+ pound device. If I could have my multiple displays connected to my iPad, I would use it at my main device. That being said I do have my laptop setup with a few remote access clients so that I can get to if from multiple ways and use it from my iPad, make calls from my iPad, and anything else that I need to do.

This brings us to the true push for virtual desktops and anywhere computing. This technology isn’t new, the interfaces are but not the underlying concept. I want to get to a Windows system that is on the other side of the country from my desk here in KY, what would I have used a few years ago…. RDP, netmeeting, gotomypc, or even VNC. Now we have teamviewer, logmein, and a plethora of other remote access tools that get you right into your system or the system you need in a matter of seconds. This honestly is putting an end to the “corporate standard” for hardware in the workplace. I know people that have worked at other companies that IT has said “here is a stipend buy whatever you want.” In some cases this isn’t even really necessary anymore; for example, including my work laptop, I have 3 laptops and one old tank of a desktop. Most people that use a laptop at work have some sort of computer at home. In surveys and in one that I did myself on linkedin, the most popular thing that people say makes them happier on the job, is the ability to work from home. Give people that opportunity, have accountibilty guidelines, and see the morale and productivity benefits.

With all of today’s technology, we can be in a meeting across the country while sitting on a couch, or even at a Starbucks, and have it seem as though we are right there in the room. I can do router and switch configs in California from my iPhone sitting in line at McDonalds. So why can’t we design true border less networks so that if I leave my desk no one ever really knows it.

The answer is, we can. As IT admins we have a lot to do to get there, but day in and day out we make this a reality.

Keep watching for more updates, I plan to make a multi post guide book on BYOD and wifi networks here in the coming weeks.


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