WWYDIJWSBY – What Would You Do If Jesus Was Standing Beside You

I’m sure many of us remember the huge WWJD movement. I got to thinking recently about this and some songs from back when I was in Youth group. It’s easy to ask yourself what would Jesus do, the real question is what would you do if Jesus was standing beside you.

I admit I am guilty of this more often than I should I am a schizophrenic Christian. I am one way in church and another at my job. Taking is back to the 90’s again for a second, at the end of dcTalk’s Jesus Freak there is a part that states that “the single biggest cause of Atheism in the world is Christians, who acknowlege Jesus with their lips and deny him by their lifestyle. ”  What do the people that you work with or go to school with think of you.  Do they see you as a good Christian person, a hypocrit, or do they see you the same as the non-Christian co-worker sitting in the next cube.  We are called to be transformed from the world not be part of it.  Yes we live here, and deal with things every day, but we are called to handle things differently.

In thinking about this post, I have been thinking a lot about 2 Kirk Franklin songs; I Smile from his new album Hello Fear and The Last Jesus from The Fight of My Life.

These two songs say a lot and are good anthems to start out your day.  Listen to these songs and tell me that they don’t inspire you in some way to be a better Christian in your school or workplace.

3 yr old drawing
My 3 yr old's picture... 1 of many

Another way to look at it is; remember when you were a kid, it didn’t matter what the picture looked like, it was on that refridgerator.  It may be some scribbles but as parents we are proud of those scribbles.  What if we make everyday a day that God is proud to place up on his fridge.  Make everyday a day that all of your actions could be proudly displayed on your own fridge.

So live each day just like Jesus is standing over your back, we all act differently when when the boss in near our desk, even though God is with us at all time.


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