Whats up with that? (Not a normal post…I promise)

Right now we are on vacation in Myrtle Beach.  On the way down we had been talking about the new law in Arizona.  Now here we are seeing political commercials dealing with immigrants.  Yes it is all about illegal immigrants, but still it seems that we have states legalizing racial profiling.  Who do you think is going to be the newest ones getting pulled over?  Many Latino families are going to be victims of this.

As part of a Latino Family I worry about things like this.  Is my daughter going to be looked down on later in life?  As more places look at this, am I going to take chances on getting pulled over?  I work construction sites many times, not to be sterotypical, but where else are authorities going to check?

Like I said in the title this is not my typical post.  I’m not a political person, I stay out of politics as much as possible.  But this is one thing that I just can’t be quite on.  While I don’t think it is okay for illegal immigrants to be here illegally, I don’t feel we should just rip them from their children.  Lets tighten the borders before we have a bunch of militia vigilantes taking matters into their own hands.  Make it easier for workers to come and support their families without getting taken advantage of.  I have worked with people from Canada, but no one says anything about immigrants from Canada.  From what I understand, if you are here working from Canada, you pay NO Federal taxes.  How is this different from what everyone says about Mexican immigrants?

I may make some people mad with this post but I don’t care.  This is what this blog is about;  Random Ramblings.

Good Night all, I’m going back out to the beach.


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